has anyone else notices the upcoming of first act guitars.......they are actually making some goo guitars.....change the name and we might have a new breed among us
yeah ok prsmarshallMG.

sorry dude. but play a real guitar. even 'affordable' pwn those things.
I have to say they new ones are getting better I bet in a couple of years there will be some really quality guitars
No, they suck.

But the guy from Guitar World seems to love his Delia Custom *cough*fairy*cough*.
If you get one of their custom shop guitars, they may be ok. But their low end 'affordable' guitars are nothing but wastes of good trees.
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You rip on the First Act's name. Maybe we all should try one of there high priced custom made ones before we rip on them. I can't say anything about them because I don't know anything about 'em, but it seems like eveyone on here has played there top notch guitars. I don't believe any of you have, so how could you state an opinion. I'd guess if someone spent a 1,300 dollars for a custom First Act it would be a nice guitar, it makes since... But I never played one so I dunno.