Hi guys...i want to buy a Les Paul USA made....anyone want to sell me?or anyone knows a page or something which sells second hand guitars??give info
oh if you want the gibson baldwin musical education Signature series you can get a les paul for a bit under 200$ at

since when does bestbuy sell guitars? i have no clue
don't buy the the gibson baldwin, it's a piece of sh1t, and don't buy a second hand guitar from a music store, they usually only buy them secondhand for the same price as the cost price of a new guitar of the same model, so they charge you almost new price just to get their profit. go through ebay through a legitimate looking seller, or online or newspaper classifieds. It is a good idea to buy 2nd hand with guitars, they lose value when you walk out of the store with a new one, but after that over the years the value and quality doesn't deppreciate much
ebay is the best place to find used guitars...

and for whoever asked why he'd want a 2nd hand...well there usually brand new guitars for alot cheaper then that cause of some unoticeable flaw in the finish.
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