I was wondering, me and my friend try to do some harmonies, but they sound like crap, are the guitars suposed to be tuned a certain way? I have a Marshall MG250 combo amp, and he still has a starter amp, it that the reason?
"harmonies"? could you please clarify?

As long as they are in tune, and there's not too much distortion, it should sound good.
You don't have to retune your guitars to any other particular tuning, but you should play stuff that is the same intervallic distance apart, like harmonising in 5ths, for example. That means the notes won't always be the same physical distance apart, depending on what strings you're playing.

Start with something easy like this:


Only mix the notes up so they don't just sound like a scale. And play it all without distortion at first.

Oh, and you should make sure you're staying in the same key with your notes and not just always playing the same interval. Heh. Like in the TAB I did there's one interval that's not in 5ths, so it doesn't go out of key. Make sense? I'm too tired to explain better.
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allright, ill try that, and we have been trying some Iron Maiden harmonies,one song we have been trying to get the harmonies to sounhd good on is "Phantom of the Opera"
its best to harmonize in 3rds

if one guy plays A, play C. B, D. C, E. etc. that means your not always gonna be 2 frets apart.