I have 2 questions regrading scales. They both may have been asked before. I will use Am Pentatonic as my example.

1. Am Pentatonic consists of the notes A C D E G, therefore are those notes along the entire fretboard that are those 5 differnt notes above included in the Am Pentatonic scale of just a particluar section such as the 5th fret to the 8th?

2. If a guitar is tuned from standard (EADGBE) to say drop d (DADGBE), would this effectively alter the 6th string and the scale involved on that string? Id imagine so but would just like it be clarified.

Answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated.
1. Yes A minor pentatonic would use those same notes everywhere (in all positions)
2. Since D is just a full step down from E you just have to think what the notes would be then (moved up 2 frets on 6 string)
1. yes, the whole fretboard. its much easier to learn a pattern, but those patterns are also hindrances. if you are going to learn the pattern/already have you should try to learn the extension to it, or at least in the direction going up.

2. of course it would change it. tuning down to d is quite easy because you can just follow the other d string. the better way to think about it though is that you tuned the string down 2 semitones/frets, so each note that is in the scale would be 2 semitones/frets lower.
yer thanks guys. i thought that was the case for both questions buti just wanted to verify it before i got myself into a bad habit.