Hello everyone,

I've been practicing rather late at night recently and using my headphones so that I don't wake anybody up in my house. I've noticed that my amp sounds much better through the headphones. Everything is more crisp and defined especially with distortion.

I like playing regular barre chord shapes and extended/altered chords (add9, Maj7, 9, etc.) but find that they become really muddy with distortion. Listening through the headphones really seems to clear things up. I know that players like Alex Lifeson from Rush use the same voicings I do and get really good clarity. I'm also aware that they have thousands of dollars in equipment and I'm using a little Peavy Practice amp.

Anyway, I'm wondering why it is that the amp sounds better though headphones. Again, the sound is more crisp and defined. Is it some sort of compression or something? Is it something I can maybe use my EQ to fix/improve upon?

P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I thought this would be the best one. I also searched three times before posting. I did find related threads but none that answered my question.
Could be a bad speaker in an otherwise good amp. Could be that the headphones are also blocking out other outside noises.
Are the headphones good quality ones? If so, then they easily beat out the speaker in the amp, which is more than likely the cause of the muddiness.

Playing through the speaker also makes you take into account the acoustics of the room, which can also change the tone.