I have a marshall JCM2000 DSL401 combo.

I was wondering since it doesn't have a traditional headphone jack out.
If I could plug in a REAL headphone (with the same big jackplug as a jack cabel, not those shoddy things you put in your MP3 player)
Into the Speaker emulated DI out output jack to use for practising when everybody else in the world wants to sleep.

Or would it be a really bad idea?
Well you can, but the sound will still come out of your cab

Quote by think11270
Well you can, but the sound will still come out of your cab

^ yeah it would. and you cant unhook your speaker either...unless you wanna fry your amp anyways.
That's weird because I thought that the Speaker emulated DI out was intended for (silent)recording and that it automatically cut the output of the speakers.

So in other words, no way to play amped without killing my neighbours then?
^ You could spend money on an attenuator. Or just turn the volume down.

That DI is proably for Pa use, so you can use your amp as a monitor and let the PA carry your sound. Or for recording without using a mic.
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Just spend a couple bucks and get a headphone amp.

Marshall do a couple now, including a tiny, tiny, stack.