hey all

well ive got my first performance comin up in a few days. im the lead singer in my band and iw as just wundering if any one out there may have some advice. i dnt really get that nervous but just wondering what kinda things i could do to make me look better haha you know how it is.

any help would be great

wear tight pants. Not like tight emo pants. Pants that make your crotch look good.
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Don't try to get everything perfect... go with the flow and relax and rock that ****!
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Just relax, and don't take yourselves too seriously... That is seriously the best advice anyone can give
No hands in pockets. Look interested in the music. A lot of new singers try to cover their nervousness by acting uninterested in what they're doing, but no audience likes that.

Concentrating on people other than yourself can make you seem into it. Look at your band members every now and then to keep yourselves connected. Look at the audience: if that unnerves you, look at their foreheads and it'll still seem like you're looking at the audience. You don't have to jump around and make a fool of yourself to appear interested in what you're playing.

Also, unless you're playing very "serious" music, smile. If you have fun, hopefully the audience will too.
Have fun. If the audience cant tell you actually are enjoying it, then your doing it wrong.
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I know that people love it when I sing to them...meaning try to look at everybody in the place ...sing on the right, sing on the left ...of the stage
but mostly HAVE FUN!!!! If you do..people will too.
Have a good one, my good energy are with you...
Ho yeah! If you can have someone there, recording the event, it is a good way to improve yourself when you see what you looked like. It sure gave me a lot of hint.
hey thanks for all ur advice. im guna b playn rythem guitar now so that gives me something to do haha
Try to communicate with your audience. Even just saying 'hello how are you all tonight' and 'thank you' can and will make people like you more if you say it right. Just don't overdo it - after all, people are firstly interested in music, not your babbling.
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eat ice cream, drink milk, or milk and honey before the concert, that'll loosen up those vocal chords. Also drink aload of water before your play, it takes about 20 minutes for water to re-enter your system. What else, well the obvious, go pee. Cover the mike with your hands if your trying to scream, it'll make you sound alot less wimpy, and keep some of that bass end.
^ As far as I know dairy products create unwanted saliva and mucus but these'll help when it comes to screaming when creating distortion so it's more personal preference.
don't knock over the mic stand like i did. luckily, i caught it and kept playing at the start of the very next measure, so i looked really clumsy but then really smooth. anyway, just don't knock it over
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Adjust the mic so that it's ever so slightly too high for you.

It's a much more flattering look to be holding the mic down towards you or craning yourself up towards it.
I dissagree with stagghound, you need the mic low so you aren't stretching your vocal chords. And btw, I think singers that sing and "dance" are much more captivating then guitarists that stand there. and...kind of sing.

exaggerate your facial movements? stare in a mirror and act like a hardas$ for 20 minutes, lol.
be natural man. dont try too hard to look cool, cause the audience will notice.

But ya the tight pants are a given