Hi all,
I am a beginner guitarist, I am practicing guitar only 3 weeks. I have one (very) old electric guitar, but I want to replace it with a new electric and an amp, because the old one have damaged pickups.
I would like to get a semi-hollow, because I love the design (my favourite in my price range is Ibanez AG75). But I dont know if its a good type of guitar for a beginner, on other forum somebody told me that for a beginner it would be better to get a LP guitar.
So, what do you think? I want a semi-hollow because I dont think that I will be able to get a LP now and another new guitar in next X years.

Also, I have read on this forum that semi-hollows are louder than solid bodies, so I think I could get only the guitar first and after some time when I save some money I will get some better amp(rather than some cheap 15w). Until then, I will practice unplugged.
What do you think, is it a good idea?

EDIT: I didnt mentioned what kind of music I would like to play. I would like to play rock, bands like Oasis, some ballads from Metallica,etc. But nothing hard like AC/DC or heavy metal.
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What style of music do you play?
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They would be good for the style you want to play, but so would a solid body. Oasis use semis alot.

May i also recommend you looking at the epiphone semis like the dot/sheraton II.

EDIT: They arent really intended for acoustic play, the chambers are just for the amplified tone really.
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Yeah i think a semi hollow should work fine for stuff like that, aslong are your not planning on playing with really extreme metal high gain because they can be noisey in those situations.
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I've got an epiphone casino, it was my second guitar cos my parents wouldn't let me get a £500 guitar until I prooved tht I could play...There is just one thing you have to remember with a semi, the distortion effect on them isn'tas great as on a solid body guitar, I mean compared to my LP the distortion is crap...same settings on amp and pedals etc.... it just means for songs like (you say you play Oasis so I'll give an e.g. of )Rock n' Roll Star you need to turn up the distortion to get a nice sound...but ye there is no reason why a semi wouldn't be good for you to get...they just tend to be a bit more expensive...

o ye and feedback's a bitch
^ The casino is £500 ^

I wouldnt of minded a casino for my second guitar
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
i did that too - my first guitar was an artcore. played for a few months without an amp first.
I'm still pretty much a beginner, and I love my big ol' Stagg Top Fuel semi.

The main thing is that semis are real big.

But aside from that, the main thing you have to consider is how it feels.

Just another case of go-try-everything-in-your-pricerange.
Ok, so another thing I cant decide: I am now pretty sure that I want some of the Artcore series hollow bodies(thanx for the advices), I just cant decide which.
There are 2 favourites :
*AG75 - Artcore AG models offer true full-hollow tone with the comfort of a body that's more compact than traditional full-hollow guitars.
*AFS75 - AFS models feature full-sized bodies, but with thinner depths, and Vintage Vibratos* which make these models especially prized by country and rockabilly players.
I think these are the 2 best from the list, because the full-hollows have problems with feedback and I want it mainly for rock.

I would like to give ´em a try in the music shop, but I am almost sure they have only the AG75 (I will check out on monday).
I have an AFS75 and I love it. It feels very nice, and you can get some pretty cool tones out of it. The stock pickups probably aren't the greatest, but if you're just starting out then it probably won't be a big deal to you. Definitely try it out if you get the chance, but I'm sure that the other Artcore models are also good.