Hey, this will sound so insanely stupid I almost couldnt post it but i cut my finger nails the other day and i cut my right thumb too short.

Now it hurts when i strum and I have to play in the finals for a battle of the bands tomorrow night! Does anyone know anything that mgiht remedy this?
man up, take the pain. count yourself lucky that you actually have 2 functioning hands

men dont cry about fingernails that are cut to low (or women whatever maybe the case), they get out there, brush off the pain and give the audience what they want
have you ever tried using a blackdrum (pick)
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I hate it when that happens.. hurts lie **** when the pick gets under your thunmb nail to the skin...

And hey.. "real" metal had its turn okay, no more real men dont cry nonsense.
Its Atreyu and emo's time now, so.. "boys do cry, am with blood tears in my eyes im an anne rice novel come to life"

so go on and cry aqll you want about it.. probably just get more fans, cause your more emo.

I hate emo btw.. POWER METAL.. and a bit of folk, korpiklaani..
chop your hand off

might not help you play better, but at least you'll have a decent excuse not to play

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what does the length of your tumbnail matter for when you have a pick?:S
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what does the length of your tumbnail matter for when you have a pick?:S

exactly, fingers are unreliable, use a pick, big deal
you can still do it with your thumb and not much nail.. i keep mine really short. Just take painkillers an hour or two before to numb the pain