hi people..i've been playing for a lil while now...but i'm still hitting other strings with my fretting hand whenever i bend..i presume its wrong technique..is there a proper way to bend strings without sounding the other strings? like for example when i bend the high e string (with either 2 or 3 fingers to support) i always sound the g string..

any help?
I'm having the exact same problem...

The worst thing is that when I bend a string the other strings go between my nail and my finger... It hurts like hell.
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are you bending them with one or two fingers?
edit : sorry didnt read it properly

erm, just take it slow at first, then youll see where your problem is

and cut your fingernails to the bone :]
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yeah, 2 or 3 fingers is right
i didnt realise that at the start

but then it gained my finger strength..so uhm, i only use one finger
though thats a bad habit
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when you bend a string
do you push the next string out of the way with the finger your bending?

i tend to do that and it works fine, as long as you dont accidentally pluck it with the finger
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I have the exact same problem i was just gonna post about it. Since it seems like a common problem, i would presume that it would be a wrong technique. I'd like to know the proper way also cuz it's really an annoying problem.
you bring your thumb down and give your fingers more energy whether you're using 2-3 fingers.
just a suggestion, I noticed that I was doing this when I started,

Make sure you are touching the string with the top of ur finger. Make sure its not laying flat on the string, and that ur finger is perpendicular to the string. If its flat it takes up for more space

1) The common bending position is with your thumb hooked around the neck for more leverage.

2) Assist the bend with unused fingers on the string.

3) For standard bending, don't use your fingers to push. Just stiffen the fingers. Use the wrist. Think "doorknob" motion.

4) Playing with the tips of your fingers is important. For bends too. This will make it easier to push the other strings out of the way and keep them muted.
i realise i only have this problem (sounding other strings) when i bend on the high e string and sometimes on the b...the rest are alright..but anyways thanks for all the help so far! i'll work on it!
I think the solution is to mute the strings you're not playing with your picking hand by the bridge. If you're bending the high e mute the g string totally with your picking hand and it shouldnt sound.

Try not to put your palm too low on the bridge, because you might mute the high e too and cut out the sound. It takes a little practising.
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