Is it possible to paint a pickguard, if so what type of paint would keep into from being scratched off?
It's cheaper and easier just to get a new one made in the color you want.

But you can paint a pickguard in almost any paint that's usable on plastics, and put a lot of finish... But that'll just reduce the impact of the scratches. It's supposed to be scratched; that's what it's there for.
Yes, it is possible.

Scuff the plate with 220 grit, Spray your primer, then color, then about 3-6 coats of clear, then sand and buff as usual.

I guess those plastikote stuff might work too, but make sure they are compatible with a clear coat, or else platikote won't help you shiz. It'll still scratch off.
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if you take and use high temp epoxy spray paint on a 220 grit sanded surface then cook it after it drys in an oven at 100 for an hour then let it set for a day before finish sanding and clear you can get a finish that wont flake off or scratch very easaly.