Ok, well this record label is interested in my band, but I'm not quite such what a press kit is. I thought it was the case for a cd that looks like it has been done professionally... you know have the song titles on the back and a booklet with lyrics in it... I just want to make such before I send something out to them. If you know anything about this let me know please.

The link above is great but it doesn't really define a press kit.

A press kit is just a kit with all the marketing info you want to present about yourself. Usually it includes a demo CD with exactly 3 songs. Various photos. A short cover letter describing what your band is about, how many people you bring into shows, how long you've been together, what your goals are and what you're looking for etc.
Alright cool... I was thinking along the lines of that... Our website it www.myspace.com/thedayafter5

pop-punk/emo/elements of hardcore

The 2 songs on there are very rough draft style.... When we post "Life on fire" that's more of our sound, I wrote the other songs when i was 16 so there about girls and very poppy songs.... At 19 you tend to grow out of that, but go listen if you want.
One thing that should have been stated, however, is that there is a "standard format" for press kits. So don't just wing it and come up with something random. Do a bit of searching. If you want to really impress this company then look into what they ask for in a press kit. Every record label / company usually wants something a little different. If you do some research to find out exactly what this company asks for then you're showing them how serious you are.