i saw richard ashcroft live last night and it was the best gig ive ever been to!!!
every song he played was a classic, and he put as much feeling as he would have done 9 years ago!!!

it started off with sonnet...which was amazing i couldnt believe he'd use such a classic as an opener! then it was music is power which was also immense. the gig went on and sounded absolutely great-every song was amazing. he played lucky man, the drugs dont work, break the night with colour, why not nothing....and the very last song was bittersweet symphony which is actually hard to put into words how amazing it sounded!! his voice has not changed at all and he sounds even better live than on the recordings.

has anyone else had the privalige of seeing richard ashcroft (or THE VERVE for that matter!!) live? if so, how did it go for u?
^I love that site, there's a Damien Rice gig on their thats just fantastic, or there was last time I checked.

EDIT: Oooh yeah, Ashcroft thread

Fantastic songwriter (Weeping Willow being my favourite) he's had a couple of decent solo tunes.