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That bass anygood? i've decided to play bass for my band ( flea ) and am tired of constantly borrowing. Any other suggestions also apreciated. my budget max is about 300$ oh and i can only buy from music123 (or someother place that has international shipping )
You might want to look into a pack if you only have 300 bucks. You won't find a reasonable amp for whatever money you have left after you buy that bass.
is a nice bass, but like MX said you might want to try a pack...it will be hard to find a decent amp for about 80
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^If you're gonna be playing in a band, you're better off spending more money on an amps so that you can be heard. A pack probably won't cut it with drums and guitars.

I've never played that bass, so I can't comment.
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Way i see it, Good bass + no amp for say 2 months is a better equation than crappy bass + crappy amp. *shrugs*

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Peavey's are great basses for the price, but if you're honestly thinking that it falls under as part of the ocmbination of "good bass + no amp", it's probably only going to be a little better than the bass you get in a starter pack. It's a matter of how much you need the amp, and if you're jumping right into a band situation, you need a moderate amp.
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Try the Squier Bass Pack, it comes with a 15 watt I think. My bass teacher has a Peavy, they're pretty nice. Im thinking about getting one btw
I have the same bass and I absolutely love it. Just dont expect to get a flea sound out of it. Unless you get a fender or musicman their resale value are pretty bad. If you look around ebay you might find a higher end peavey around your budget.