hi fellows, as you see i'm new here :]

however i already have one(actually 2) question(s)... :]

I'm into buying ESP-LTD EC-400AT guitar, however what i'd like to play with it is rock/metal and maybe something heavier... so i think i will change my pickups to EMGs (didn't decide which 2 out of 3 to choose yet:/)... well the question is: did anyone in here try to put actives on that guitar? is there enough room for battery... and will i be able to change wiring easily (i will have to do due to mismatch of knobs resistance)... can anyone help me?

what concerns pickups i think i might ask that in here as well... i'm sure that these 2 will be chosen out of emg 60 81 85... but i can't decide which... i'd like to have metallica type distortion(for example bleeding me closing riff), it is groovy, powerful but very clear at the same time... what concerns cleans, i've found out that the sound i like the most is quick thing, with no base... something like metallica would use live...

i'd choose 81 + 60 kit, but what concerns me is the difference in the output level of these two pickups... i have no big crew standing behind my back which would make my guitar produce the same amount of volume all the time so i guess 81 + 85 is better for me, isn't it? what do you think? damn help me! :] thanks in advance...
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Hmm, you probably will be able to fit in EMG's, if my faggish mate can do it, so can you, believe in urself personally i like 81/85, but if you want pretty good cleans as well, 81/60. EMG's are good, and they'll sound even better depending on what amp you got. So what's ur current set up?
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should buy the ec-500. and for your ques. yes there is enough space in the control cavity if its neat to fit the battery heck even some guy put in two 9v batteries
i was under the impression the 400 series already carried active emg's???? its says on the site that the ltd ec-400 comes with an emg 81+60 combo
my current set up is lame, but i'm about to buy marshall avt 100 + hopefully ibanez tube screamer... at the moment i have mixer and creative audigy 2 zs platinum pro ... :]... i will buy guitar in finland and it still has duncans installled... what concenrs ec 500 i don't really like the shape of a guitar... well the final choice will be taken in the shop, but for now i'd like to know all my options and ec 400 + emgs is the one that drives me the most :]...
1) the ESP LTD 400s (not 400at) have EMGs.
2) the marshall AVT is not a good amp at all - youd be better off buying a really nice amp and then upgrading whatever guitar you have now in the future.
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damn, i've just noticed that ugly typo in header of the thread :]... what concerns avt 100 i guess it's the best i can get in lt... and my current gitar... br.. it's neck sux... really hard so i want something that would be comfortable to play and now i have an opportunity to go and buy a sexy thing so i guess i'm gona use it.
After looking at the specs, if you bought the 400AT, and the Marshall, you really wouldn't need any EMG's, those Duncans will sound fine, I'd definately test them before you get your heart set on EMG's, that's what I did, I was so intent on getting EMG's for my guitar but when I tried the same guitar with some Duncans I was blown away by how well they played and sounded, I haven't even looked for an EMG to replace the Duncan with.
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