Alright, before you listen to it, keep in mind i have only been playing guitar for 2 months. I know I messed up on the pre chorus and the begining of the solo I messed up as well. I just looking for some constructive criticism so I so I can work harder on this song.

anyways here http://filmaq.dmusic.com/

edit:there i fixed it, now you can listen to my bad guitar skills.
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The notes are too choppy - they should ring together, but instead I can hear you picking each individual note. I would try starting with an easier song personally. The rythym of this song has to be exact or else it doesn't sound too hot.
If you watch them play live on Leno, who can understand the strumming pattern better. Yeah, like stated above, you are playing the notes too technically, you know what i mean. I did this exact same thing when I was first learning this song. You gotta use your wrist and feel the rythm of the song. There are some very tricky muted string areas in this song and once you have those down, you can strum your pick over the strings with a "smooth striking motion" , if that makes any sense. It will give you the strong ringing sound
youre looking for. Very hard to explain....sorry.
also You may have a bad tab.
Nah, that's a good tab.

I just think you gotta practice. Yeah, trying to get this song during your first two months is gonna be tough. When I first tried this song I gave up for like a month, tried again, gave up for like a week, and then finally got it down. You'll get better each time.

My only other suggestion is find the video when they play live on Leno(gave me really good insight) , or look through the GuitarPro versions of the song. They tend to be very precise.