ESP EC-1000 with SD's or Low Gibson/Epipone Elitist?


I decided I want a les paul.
I said I never would but now I do.
I wanna play stuff from Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters to Alice In Chains and everything really.

Wot is the ESP LTD EC-100 with Seymour Duncans like? Should I consider this? I want a nice, slim neck but the Les Paul Studio has a fat neck

Thanx in advance
I played both,allot of Gibsons in guitar center and my friend just got a EC-1000 a few weeks ago and its a sick guitar.
I would take it over a Gibson anyday.
Plus the finish looks way better then any gibson i ever seen.
The picture on internet stores really sucks compared to how it looks in real life
Defineately the ltd, and go duncans!!!
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Gibson is a disgusting company go with ESP

I would never support a company that used to make amazing guitars but then sold out their name and started making s*** relying on their name for sales