Okay, I have my electric for a week now and I've only been goofing around with some songs and stuff but I know it won't make a me a better guitarist.
Knowledgeable guitar people please post here exercises and such what will actually help me improve.

Im not planning on buying stuff ... yet. Can't anybody just tell me what kinda things to practise on or exercises to do?
Okay, that's what i'm talking about, I just needed some structure you know thanks pokescab
Okay... so I found the minor pentatonic - here http://www.wholenote.com/default.asp?iTarget=http%3A//www.wholenote.com/basics/scales.asp and I can choose what the root is, which must I choose?

Btw - I already chose a song to learn, AC/DC - Highway to hell, but I really don't get the same sound although the song is played in standard tuning and I'm sure I'm playing it right
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Okay well with the minor pentatonic, you can slide that anywhere on the fretboard so just use G I guess. After you know the pattern you can slide it up to A or down to F or whatever you want really.

And with Highway to Hell, what to you mean by the same sound? Are you talking about the tone, distortion or just the timing/melody?
For the first two, you'll need to muck around with your amp to get it right. Check out the How to sound like... thread. (I think that's what it is called, can;t remember at the moment)

If it's the melody/or timing I recommend using Power Tabs
For the program - http://www.power-tab.net/guitar.php
For the tabs - http://www.powertabs.net/search.php

Or, Guitar Pro if your willing to fork out the cash/pirate it.

These two programs ar basically tabs which you can play (hear). Great for timing and you can find out if it is accurate with the click of a button,

If you can't be bothered with either of the two, just make sure your tab is a good one. Use the ones with the highest ratings and check the comments.

EDIT: Actually, looking at the sight you were using for the scales just forget about that whole site for now. Bookmark it, you might need it later but don't use it for this. Here is what it should sound like (in the key of F)


Now learn the whole thing off by heart.
AFter you've done that, slide the whole thing up one fret. You'll notice it sounds good there too. You can play this pattern anywhere up and down along the fretboard, and, is probably the first scale you will improvise with, so it's pretty important that you learn it.
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