yea i was looking into buyin a noise suppressor, but i'm not 100% sure if it will do what i need. The main problem i have is that my amp feeds back every time i am not playing unless i shoot the volume knob off. I was just curious if is a pedal that lets me dial in the amount of feedback i like, or if there is a different pedal that would do the job.
I Use a Boss ME-50 and that has a noise suppressor on, it does help alot with feedback and completly gets rid of that annoying buzz. i noticed if you are doing alot or hammer ons and pull offs you dont get quite the same sound it's not as loud after every hit.

EDIT: Oh yea its like a dial on mine which does allow you to control the amount of feedback

hope this helps

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Well the noise suppressors usual have a knob called threshold, which means you control how much feedback you get... From what was stated in your question it looks like you want some feedback but not that annoying ring stuff. Look into a Boss noise suppressor or a Rocktron hush... My friend has a rocktron hush and it's great, lower in price, but it gets the job done.
that's not your amp's feedback that's your guitar dude. You'll have to resolder the wires in your input jack most likely because they polarity switched on it. But that's actually only true if your using a guitar with humbuckers. If your guitar's only a single coil there's not too much you can do. The rocktron hush or dbx Feedback destoryer, or behinger or something,would be more up the alley of what your looking for your pedal to do.
Yea well i had a feeling it might be my guitar for a while, even though the guitar is still basically brand new, but yea i really appreciate all of the help, i'll probably go try both of them out today.
Rocktron Hush Super C - best on the market. Expensive and rackmount..

ISP Decimator - best pedal noise gate out there, but also quite expensive.

Boss NS-2 - best performance for the money. Good noise gate, good performance, at a reasonable price.

Take your pick.
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