ok i heard this song just yesterday but only remeber the 1st 2 lines that the man sang, which were " If I leave tomorrow will you miss me" it was a really good song but I don't know the name or artist. anyone know who i'm talking about?
Is it me or does Avril look like Axl?
Was it Lynard Skynard's "Freebird"? It goes "If I leave here tommarrow. Will you still remember me?"
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"If I leave here tomorrow will you still remember me" is from Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but if the words were exactly what you put than I have no idea what song it's from.

^^^^that guy beat me to it lol
what type of song was it, fast slow rock punk blues that'd help, i agree with the other 2 though sounds like it may have been freebird which is the worlds most annoying song if you played it in a band for 3 years. sorry but it is, good but god damn annoying
no you guys are right it is freebird i just did not remember correctly thank you so much
Is it me or does Avril look like Axl?
Did it have a bloody huge solo in it? If so, yeah....its Freebird.
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