hey check out my new single.

its called "gotta learn to smile again"

is has some nice clean AND metal like solos and is gr8 quality.

any crits are welcomed tell me what u think.
to hear the song, goto http://theshredaholic.dmusic.com/
i really like it. the lyrics fit with the music. you sound a lot like Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace. i can't really think of much to say except for, really good recording quality.
The begging sounds really metallica.

The distorted lead track sounds to reverbed or something, id like it to sound more in your face. It sounds like its in the background or something.

The part after the lead is cool.

I think a higher voice would be better for this song.

The singing isnt tooo bad.

The slurs in the singing dont sound natural enough.

Your trying to force out an "evil" sound from your voice, and it really sounds faked.

Singing is a little pitchy.

The instrumental elements of the song are cool.

The only problem to my ears is the vocals, just practice more and they'll be fine.

Add some more emotion to the vocals, maybe stretch higher in parts, try to get kind of a scream in your voice at parts (not screamo scream, like a kind of metallica scream)

the lead part around 6:20 is kinda lame.

I like the weird vocal stuff at the end.

ohhhh... great review ^ maddog.

thanks a lot.
other than the vocals, how did u like the music (indivisually)
was the last solo worth the weight. if not what part would u change.
i kinda got bored making a solo that long and think i could crop it a bit to make it smaller.

btw, i'm a guitarist. not much of a vocalist. iin fact, i was surprised to see u mention that my singing is not TOOOO bad.

Flummery : thanks for ur crit too. i was really worried that the lyrics wont fit the song. thnx