I'm getting back into guitar playing after about a decade hiatus. my only experience with amplifiers was a little Peavey Backstage and a GK 250ml. i was originally looking at the spider 2 hd head. all the effects, headphone jack and recording capabilities really drew me in. but then i started reading all of the user reviews. i am now skeptical. recently encountered the Peavey ValveKing. but was a little skeptical due to my Backstage days. I don't need effects in an amp other than reverb and distortion. and i am certainly not spending Mesa Boogie money. I intend to record stuff and possibly (remotely) go live.

the type of music i play was once refered to as "ambient speed-metal"

also, i have 2 speaker cabintes (from a regular stereo system.) with 1 12" celetion speaker each. i jury-rigged these myself. I used to know all this wiring crap years and years ago. do speakers need to be rated for higher wattage amplifiers? and what rating should speakers be for the ValveKing?

thanks for not flaming me.

I've also go pickup question too. but i'll search this site before i ask
I think you'll need to make sure the resistance is correct, 4/8/16 ohm, so you don't trash those speakers. You should have speakers capable of handling more wattage than your amp can throw.
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well, my search continues. just read a number of posts saying the valve king is not a metal amp. i need UBER-drive(distortion?). still don't want to go any higher than $500. will have to look for used. there is Peavey Ultra Plus out there used. What would be a descent price to spend on one of these?
I believe the Valveking has a fixed 16 ohm output, but I'm not 100% certain. But seriously, if speed metal is your thing, the VK probably won't get you into that type of distortion without help of an overdrive pedal.

Now.... that all being said... if you don't plan on playing with a band (in the short term) or jammign with others and are looking for a great tool that you can use for practice and recording, a POD Xt might be what you're looking for. If you do need volume for jamming with someone, you can technically connect this thing right a home stereo amplifier and regular speaker and jam out, and still get great tone. For live use, you can connect directly to the PA system and have your signal played back to you thru monitors.... And it's only $250. For an extra $150, you can get the POD Xt Live which comes in a floorboard format. Either way, it's about the price of one of the amp heads you were looking at, they sound better, and are incredible recording tools.

somethign to think about.
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thanks crunchy, i will be using a boss turbo overdrive with what ever amp's built in distortion/overdrive. i need a howling chorus of helllish feedback, no squeeling, screeching fingernail-on-blackboard annoyance. i do a lot of controlled feedback stuff.

the randall RH150DG3 G3 @ $450 looks interesting.
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i don't think thats tube. theres a tube randall for like $560
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splke27z, the randall is one of them new-fangled tube/solid state jive-turkeys. and from the looks of it, the xxx or 5150 would be far too over powered for my needs