I've always suspected i play guitar cack handedly cos im self taught and evryone else seems to do things differently so i recorded a solo (more than a feelin - boston) and was hoping someone could point what i am doing right and wrong, cheers

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Busy right now, but when bending you really should use your other fingers too, so say you were bending this:


Say you bend it with your ring finger, rest your other fingers behind it, makes bending easier and generally you have a better grip on the string. So, you would rest your index and middle finger on 6 & 7:


Its not entirely necessary, but you might find it helps. Only got a quick look, maybe someone else spotted other things.
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I'm not familiar with the solo, but everything looked ok except one huge thing: You didn't use your pinky once! Though this is a rather slow solo, when you start playing some faster stuff that will kill you. The time it takes to "jump" up and down the neck can slow you down rather than just using your pinky which is already there. On the bigger frets, if you're playing a four fret span you should use all four fingers respectively, down the higher frets it will be a little more different as you'll have more of a span so use your judgement. Other than that it looked and sounded good, however you didn't record your picking hand so we can't judge that. Are you alternate picking?

1) Yeah, Pinky! You got one, better learn to use it.
2) For bending, the other post is correct, support with other fingers. Plus, the thumb
generally will wrap around the neck to provide additional leverage.
3) You're playing on your fingertips and fingers are arched pretty well. That's good.
4) WAY lots of excess finger movement. Your unused fingers are moving out and
away from the strings. Probably a good amount of tension in them. The result is
that your movements look stiff as you have to move them more to get them where you want them to go. At any kind of speed you'll have total meltdown. Keep them
relaxed and near the strings.