hey i was wondering if i could get some advice from some of you guys about tones. i've got a 5-string setup on a 4-string bass (joined a band about six weeks ago or so and don't have the money to just drop $400 for a decent 5-string so this has to work for now) just to let you know. oh yeah...i use a pick also so i know that changes the sound with a different stroke/attack than using fingers.

what i'm wondering is what some settings for bass, mids, and treble that give a good even sound? i try to dilly dally around with it every now and then but i always come out a little too bassy or way too much on the high end and it just doesn't fit our sound at all. can u guys help me out a little?
This is a cool little exercise. (I assume you have a graphic EQ). Set all your EQ's to flat. Then go one by one changing each one. This gives you a feel for what eah frequency does.

Then mix and match what you like.
My amp only has a low/high, So I use an eq as well.

For a good fat bass sound, I use my p-pickup and set the amps lows to half, Highs to 10, And then starting flat, I keep 60hz flat, and then gradually turn the mids up as I go, and then taper off highs, But leaving the highest fader around 3/4 the way up. It sounds almost liek a bassy piano.

For a Jazzy sound, I use my jazz pickup and set my amps lows to a little over half, highs all the way, and with the eq I crank up the mids almost all the way. Sounds like Jaco.

If it makes any difference, I would be using a 4x10 for highs and a 1x15 for lows.

Try using the first combination with a p-bass, and a Sansamp bass driver.
i only have active pickups on my bass. i think i forgot to mention that it's the el cheapo ibanez soundgear that you get with the starter kits.