ive been itchin to play this bad boy for a while now..lol.....this summer im gonna buy a new guitar around 550 or less. 550 usd maximum...

i play a squier strat now..i like the strat shape and the neck is alright. Does the Schecter c-1 plus have a thick neck (like sg) thin neck (ibanez) or a medium neck..??

also how is the sound. How is the 3 way pickup switch?? does it give a good bluesy tone and also a rock, punk and classic rock and some metal tone??

hopefully this makes sense...

the guitar SOUNDS great but i want to know if it LITERALLY sounds great and ofcourse how the neck feels--compared to a squier strat, sg or les paul.

thanks word

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ive got a Scehcter C-1 Plus and its a good guitar. really nice tone, can play stuff from Chili peppers to trivium. and the neck is actually very thin for a schecter, its thinner then my Ibanez SZ320. but personally, i like my SZ more. the fretwire is too thick for my taste, and i have big hands so the frets feel squished together, 24 freat on a 24.75" scale. but thats all opinion, there are people on here who love it. try it out and if you like it, get it.