Hey guys, I know this might be breaking the rules but I've been looking around everywhere on this forum and all over the internet to get the perfect Zakk Wylde tone, yet I've had no success.

Can anybody recommend some decent settings for me?

I've got a pretty good Jackson WRMG warrior, a crappy Marshall MG30DFX amp and an even crappier Zoom 505II multi-effect unit.

I'm dying to have Zakk's tone, and more importantly his pinch harmonics...I've got the technique down pretty well, but it doesn't even come close to his. Am I doing something wrong or is it his gear that counts?

Thanks in avdvance.
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marshall half stack and wylde overdrive.

and as he/his rhythm guitarist say...
"it's all in the hands"
until you get a jcm 800 or an very nice high gain tube amp and emgs you not gonna come close and even then good luck, the man made guitar his life so start practicing. . .
Jackson ke-3
Peavey supreme 100

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and he gutted his JCM 800 and put 6L6's in it so you could probably go with a 5150 it would be cheaper
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His tone isn't really hard to achieve you just need a good tube amp and do Pinch Harmonics on your low E, A, & D, and yes the 6505 Plus has tone just like Zakk Wylde my friend has a 6505 Plus half-stack and it has that exact Zakk Wylde tone, don't even need Distortion just play on the Lead Channel.
Why not create your own killer tone with the tools that you have? Copying someone doesn't build originality. Isn't guitar playing suppose to be an art that expresses our-self from within?

What does Zack, Dimebag, Hammett, Mustaine, Roads, Hendrix all have in common? Their originality in style and tone.
^yeah chazzy has hit the nail on the head thats exactly what i was thinking while i was reading the other posts.

and just in case you are unoriginal, you'll need a tube amp, emgs, strong fingers, long hair and a beard.
Im with chazzy and Diamond Dave
Be yourself....... Do something someone hasnt done before