i know this is all personal opinion and experience, but i would like to know which of these has the best, most useable tone and effects. i really want something that is incredibly versatile, yet has no sacrifice to tone. so if anyone could, please tell which of these is better for a gigging musician who needs good, natural, useable tones. By the way, i play mostly rock and hard rock, so one thing to consider is the heavier tones. but i also play modern christian music, which can go from both extremes (super clean to super heavy). so thanks much.

I thought I was the only one... Dammit.
I've only used the XT Live and I love myne. The tones are endless, you have so many options. The one thing I will point out is that I find the POD lacks really heavy tones, however I think the Metal Shop pack solves that. I don't think theres a tone you can't acheive with the POD and from the recording side with the built in USB it makes for high quality clear recordings.
I've heard all 3, and here's my take on them.

GT-8: This is the Cadillac of the floorboard modellers / multi-fx systems. it's probably the best overall tone and the most options. I had trouble with a bit of 'fizzies' in the tone of the one I tried, but I'm pretty confident that with more hands-on time, I could have dialed that out. The controls are really awkward, the interface is excessivly complicated, and the learning curve is a bitch. If you're a sucker for punishment, then this is the one to get. But be prepared to sit for long hours with the manual, and also realize you're paying a lot for shìt you'll probably never use. Most mortals will never use more than 25% of what this sucker can do.

GNX: great sounds all around and a lot of good options. Of the 3, I'd say this one sounds more 'digital', whereas the modelling in the other 2 sound more natural. This is by far the best tool for jamming and creating riffs due to its built-in MIDI drummer, recorder, and total hands-free operation (for most fuctions). It's operation is also rather convoluted and counter-intuitice. Another one with a nice learning curve in order to use its 293874 features.

XTL: doesn't sound as 'real' as the GT-8, but much better than the GNX (IMO). And I wouldn't say it's significantly 'worse' than the GT-8. It jsut has a different sound and doesn't try to be all things to all people. The included tools are simple to use and work very well. If you know how to use an amp and pedals, you'll be rocking this thing out to its full potential within minutes of unpacking it without even needing to crack the manual. It has great expandability with the extra model packs, etc, and can now equally be used for bass (with the add-on models). It has by far the simplest operation. The operation is idiot-proof, and it's easily the best serious recording tool out there IMO.
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