are their effects digital?
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Some yes, some no.
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Not all of them.

Mainly the delay, chorus and flangers and those type are all digital today. (CH1, CE5, DD3, DD5, DD6, the wah pedal whatever is called, BF3, AW2 autowah, RV3 reverb...and the phaser to I think. I think that the autowah and the phaser are even built off exactly the same chip, same circuit and everything, just differently programmed DSP chips)

Prettymuch all the distortions are analog. I think the SD1 for example has been barely changed since it was introduced in the 70s

Of course, in the past they've had many more analog pedals in the past pedals as well (CE2 chorus, CE1 chorus, DM2 delay, DM3 delay, PH1 phaser)
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