I wrote this song it's cool.. Wait the recoreded version in the band section in a few weeks.

I woke up and feel like ****, this rejection killing me,
The depression i try to hide it, I canno't give in
I won't let it win!

Chorus: Tought that i could find myself in you,
I thought you could save me, But it seems like i was just another
guy, you may not relize it, but that ****ing hurts.

I know my friends will help me stay from the bottle and pills,
I know they love me, but who will be there to kiss me, when i need it most
to help me find myself.

I what to say your just another teenage crush, i but i can't lie, ill still ****ing try, Fairytails don't happen to losers like me, I think I should stop dreaming, It just ****ing hurts.

*solo* *outro*

Yea thats it..
It could make a great song, but lyrically it is really simple. I mean this is to crit on lyrics, and it is simple and doesn't really flow well. Now that isn't to say that this couldn't be a great song because it could.