No that I think I got my son out of the way it's time to set myself up. For some reason I'm leaning more towards a chepo axe and a good amp vs a good axe with a crap amp. Am I thinking right?
yes amp does more to your sound then a new axe. but don't get an extremely crappy axe, something like a Agile 3000 into a Traynor YCV80 would be good
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i dunno. i got newer guitar besides amp...but that's just me
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I'd say get the axe first. The most important thing is the feel of your guitar. Try everything and get YOUR guitar. THEN get the amp.

In the long run I thinnk this is better. You can always change your amp, but if you have been playing the same guitar for ten years it's played like you want it to. It's not the same with an amp.
My son's set that I just bought cost $249. I'm looking to spend the same. I really like the VOX ad15vt. I think I can get a used one for about $100 so that would leave $150 for the axe.
You got your son "out of the way"?
Man, i'd like a new amp too....but there's such thing as too far

That said, an amp will affect your tone far more than a new guitar. Unless there's a severe problem that renders your guitar unplayable, i'd go with the amp.
OUCH!! That's pretty cheap for a full set (guitar and amp). My first rig was $570. You may want to spend more money. I don't doubt you to be able to get the AD15VT for $100 used, but $150 isn't going to buy you a very good guitar (your looking Epiphone Special II and Squire Bullet range there, not good!!). Try increasing budget.
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