which kind of wood for the body of a guitar shud i use that isnt too pricey and where to find it?
metal styleish...would pine or cedar be any good for any kind of guitar cuz i know where to find it and its not too pricey would anyone recomend it?

*edit:preferably somewhere in canada and in ontario
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No. You're not making a closet, you're making a guitar. You want hardwoods. Go to www.warmoth.com and look at the woods they have for guitar bodies. That will give you an idea of what you can use and what tone you can expect.
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If you are trying to build this for as little money as possible then use poplar for the body. If you are going for a specific sound then you need to study up on you woods and then buy the appropriate one. Poplar can be ordered from home depot if you can't find it anywhere else. Maple with no figure, basswood, and alder are all and the cheap side as well so you might want to look into them. Basswood is warm, alser is bright, poplar sounds a lot like alder, and maple is really bright and is usually used with mahogany.
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god!! theres lot of nice wood around ontario for gtar building poplar,oak,walnut go cut one down haha