Its inspired b Alice In Chains and loadsa other stuff.

I dont like the breakdown in it, its just a filler.

PLESE LISTEN TO THE ENDING! Its a bit wierd and I want feedback. Thanxs!
Not bad. I like the intro... but you should make it a little shorter. A long intro can get very repetetive. The song overall is pretty good, although I'm not really into this kinda music. The outro was... odd. haha.. I liked it though.

When you get a chance, this is one of my original songs.. desperately seeking crits. Thanks.

Sounds pretty awesome. I got kind of dulled out from the clean intro, but the distorted part is just rockin

I'd suggest adding a second guitar to the clean part for some type of melody or something of that sort, just to make it more interesting.

A song this rockin definitely needs some punchy drums.

I love the distorted guitar tone

The ending sounds good to me, wraps it up nicely.

Crit for crit?
I liked the clean intro a lot, tone sounded a bit thin though.

Distortion kicks, very punchy, in your face tone.

The riff that starts at 1:14 is awesome, really would be great accompanied with drums.

Distorted part fades out into clean, cool affect. Again, I'm not a huge fan of the clean tone, but it's just me, I'm sure.

Outro,......very interesting, it's kind of haunting, which is a good thing.

Cool riffs, add some drums, vocals, and perhaps a solo.

Check out mine? I think youve already critiqued this song, but I redid a better version.
nice intro. I like how the heavy part comes out of nowhere and kicks you right in the mouth. Obviously some parts can sound a little repetitive but it doesnt have lyrics yet so thats to be expected. Cant wait to hear this with some drums and lyrics, its gonna be a good one. And i would keep the ending just the way it is, its very nice.
Thanx guys, Ive returned the crits, Ill get a singer and drummer soon hopefully!