hi everyone!

im a guitar noob yes, i play well, but i dont know a thing about guitar and amp specs, such as what wood to get etc.

i have a crappy crate amp and a cheap strat, and thinking of upgrading to something better. ok heres what i need help on:

What guitar (type) is good for rock? such as what wood is best, what fretboard, pickups, (so i can narrow down my choices) or just recommend a good guitar.

and what amp should i get? im thinking of getting a tube amp, but i dont know what wattage i need for condo-friendly use, as well as some band practice.

my budget is about 1000$, so im guessing i should spend like 400 on guitar and 600 on amp?

Thanks in advance!!

and just a random thing: does anybody think that paul gilberts PGM301 is cool?

picture of PGM301
for rock, gibsons, either a les paul or SG, or just anything with humbuckers, could get epiphone les paul or they have agile les paul copies which are apparently better than the epiphones

for amp, maybe 30w tube amp would be enough for band practice and more than enough for at home
go to a guitar store and tell the guy their your price range, try them all and get him to write the model names down and what the store's best price is, go home and look up the reviews on harmonycentral.com and then go to musiciansfriend.com and look up the models and find their price on them. go back into the store and try them all out again now that you know their relative prices, and if you decide on one quote the musiciansfriend price to the store and they should honor it.
and personally I think that paul gilbert looks like ****, sort of like a plainer version of steve vai's signature ibanez, I dont know why anyone would buy a white guitar