Hello everyone.
I don't know which guitar to choose, either an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige or an JEM 555.
I play heavy metal, punkrock, power metal and pretty much Steve Vai. I love him, but I don't know which guitar to choose! The JEM is the prettiest but...

Thanks. Marcus
JEMs are awesome, but even on a local scale if you wanna play in a band or something a sig guitar is a bit copy cat if you ask me, meaning it doesnt really represent you in a way, its just rippin of steve vai or something of that nature. i say RG1570 although i really dont like the finishes
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How much does it cost?

wait you decided on two guitars and you havent done any research. what amp do you have
The JEM555 is a piece of crap. Bad trem, bad pickups.

The RG1570 is a workhorse. Great trem, bad pickups.

Get the RG.