Honor Among Thieves - Zw, 1/0

There is an unspoken word
that binds the lying eyes
look at me and see you
wearing my disguise

hold down, held in
crept in, under the skin

simple nod and a secondary play reprieve
all the things we don't talk about
there is an honor among thieves

stab you in the back with a smile
just to have you a little more
and believe me for awhile
that things we never said but always understood
i believed in me when i never said "this is for your own good"
never you mind and never you hear
whatever you do, just do not come near
as we keep to our own and diseased to the bone
and if anyone knew of the world we'd disowned
we tell each other just what we need to hear
so we know where we stand, control through fear
until i get what i need, i won't let you leave
i tell you my friend there is honor among thieves

secondary reasoning
that even we never know
until the time comes
played out, sold out, blood in the snow

until i have mine at the smallest cost of you
no eccentric reasons, it's just what we do
don't look so wide eyed shocked, distraught
when you learn of all the lies for which you fought

you didn't really think you knew
when we shook hands or did you?
you've done this to yourself
you knew what you were getting into

so now i'll leave you here in the dirt
running out of life, out of breath
don't you worry now, your suffering will cease
not long after i have left
use you for me and i got just what i need
i tell you my friend
there is an honor among thieves

lemme know whatcha think
peace out

i really like this! i can see where your going with it... i like the detailed & descriptive words... postmore...
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