Alot of my friends/colleagues have been asking me to start some sort of site to collect and organize a bunch of different music concepts and some gear reviews and I finally got around to putting one up.


Let me know if you have any requests for future lessons... The first post I put up is a brief explanation of the circle of fifths.

Thanks for the hits,

Wow, that's actually a pretty slick site you got there. Nicely done.

I have trouble understanding how modes are used relative to the key in which a song is composed--that might be one thing you take a look at.
That's always a really difficult thing to show, but I will do my best. Keep checking the blog (bookmark it with ctrl+d)...

My goal is to do at least 1 piece on music theory a day, and I just did one for today - D-A-F Roadmap (being able to play 3 different positions of any major chord).

I'll do a whole piece on modes sometime over the weekend.

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Note Theory has been recieving a ton of hits from these forums. I appreciatte the support. Right now, I am averaging 300 unique visitors a day... that's amazing. I have alot of content planned, and even some reviews and giveaways in the near future. Make sure you bookmark it and check back a few times a week.

Two more lessons online: The Major Scale From The Beginning and Major Scales Part 2 - Chords

The other two lessons have recieved very solid response; Circle of Fifths Demystified and the D-A-F Roadmap (being able to play 3 different positions of any major chord)

Leave me a comment on the blog if you find it useful or if you have ideas for future posts. If the site helps you out, click on one of the google ads or use the google search.


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