Okay, here is the story:

I wanted to get a spanking new super cool Fender Strat, initially I was looking at getting a Deluxe American Series, costing about £900,

Then I decided that I wanted a set of Bare Knuckle Apache pick ups to go with it, which are £165. This negates alot of the extra money for the Deluxe version, as if I am going to get new pickups, I might as well stick with a standard American series.

This is my question, how different is the standard american series, with say, a top of the line Mexican strat? If I bought the Deluxe player strat (£480) and upgraded the pick ups is that comparable? What is the rest of the hardware on the mexis like (like is there a big difference in quality of the necks, what about the tuners, etc). Since I can upgrade the deluxe mexi and still be £50 in profit compared to a non-upgrade USA standard.

Then again, the deluxe mexi strat has the same p'ups that the deluxe american one does, so if I get a standard kinda mexican one, how does that compare? What hardware is actualy different? And how big a drop in standard is it?
All comments welcome.

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