Anyone know about the quality in those fender acoustic/electric with the strat look neck on them..They look real cool and ive been a strat only guy for years adn thought about getting one if the quality is there.
haha..any input..ive been looking at the taylor 300 series and some high end ovations but played both and wasnt quite sold although ive heard immense recommendations about taylors
I think that plywood with strings would sound better then those fenders. Obviously Hyperbole but the only reason that anyone buys them is because it is a fender. It sounds god awful. The taylor is 50 times the guitar.
I'm really not too familiar with ovations. I'm actually thinking about getting a high end one, though. from what I've heard, they don't sound all that great unplugged but are awesome plugged in. oh and if you couldn't tell by my sig, I absolutely love taylors. If you're thinking about getting one, DO IT. I think the best value in the talor line is the 400 series. I think with anything above that, you're paying a lot more money for not a whole lot of improvement. The 300 series guitars are also really nice though.

the bottom line, though... if a 300 series taylor didn't do it for you... a fender acoustic probably won't either. my first ever acoustic was a fender and it almost made me quit playing forever because no matter what I did, I could not make a decent sound come out of the thing.
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fender california series... is that the stratacoustic or whatever model?

i think you'll find that the general consensus from acoustic guitarists about fenders is that they suck... i think you'll also find the general consensus from acoustic guitarists about taylors is that they are great quality instruments.