Hi, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to have people talk about the ups and downs of stuff like brands, amount of strings, and all that jazz.

I'll go first...


pro-smooth slides.
con-getting intonation right can be a bitch.
pro-clean sounding tapping.
con-not many stores stock alot.

also, some of the pros may be cons to some and vice versa
Okay, here's one:

Root note basslines

pro - easy as ****
con - easy as ****
pro - any old n00b can play them and call themselves a bassist
con - any old n00b can play them and call themselves a bassist
pro - easy to write
con - boring as hell
pro - easy to play while singing
con - what if you can't sing?
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Pro - almost infinite notes, and seemingly limitless notes in just one position.
Con - disgustingly thick neck
Pro - incredible range for tapping
Con - string spacing might take some getting used to for slapping
Pro - you get to look completely different from every other four-stringer at your gigs
Con - kids will constantly say, "OmGzorz! I didn't know basses went up to 8 strings!"
Pro - you get to play melodies, and bass lines sumultaneously
Con - if you don't, you will probably catch **** from real ERBists
Pro - your guitarist can no longer say, "Mine has more strings, so it must be more difficult to play
Con - you have one less reason to kill your guitarist

I want one so bad.
I've got another one...

Double Bass

pro-bowed strings sound awesome
con-a bitch to carry around
pro- can play in jazz and classical bands
con-strings cost $80
Good old 4 string freted.

PRO- a great start to bass. Versitile, as can play all style
CON- if you like a particular style, there will be much better choices
PRO- frets make it easier to play
CON- you cant beat a perfectly palyed fretless

thats my $0.02
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