I've so far been using my Big Muff for both rhythm and lead and I've noticed that while the Muff gives great sustain it really doesn't do much in terms of note definition and ability to play fast runs. More often than not I'll find myself fighting against the pedal when playing some fast modal runs or anything thats not strictly medium paced pentatonic stuff. So today I was messing around with my Digitech RP-80(please,spare me the flames)and even on some of the light overdrive presets I could absolutely fly up and down the fretboard because the note definition was good and so when I was moving along in terms of pace I could hit a fret and know that the note would sound. I also found that because of this I could use less finger pressure on my fretting hand and thus I could play faster.

Don't get me wrong the Muff is a wonderful pedal and,when the time is appropriate for it,I love the fuzz that it encapsulates each note with but I was wondering if there was perhaps a booster that I could chain along with my Muff to give it a bit of a hand in the clarity and definition department? If such is not possible then what sort of pedals would be suited for what I'm looking for?

I thank you kindly.
Maybe you should practice a bit more than try to cover up mistakes with a pedal, but either way, I've heard alot of good things about the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Boss Mega Distortions sound okay, but don't quite have the same tone. I'm not really a pedal guru so my suggestions will probably get bashed and torn apart by some of the more knowledgeable people here lol.
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Well the thing is that compared to the Muff I can play FASTER on CLEANER settings because the Muff's note definition leaves alot to be desired at times. This weekend I may just go to my local gear shop and try the usual Boss and Tubescreamer lineup just to see what is what.
Mate! I use my Muff for rhythm sounds too! And to the guy that said "improve your technique rather than trying to cover it up with a pedal", muffs make fast leads sound terrible dude... I recommend a Keeley modded pedal, the DS-1 or the Mt-2, they should improve your tone vastly. If you have a tube amp, they will sound even nicer!
^Anything sounds nicer on tube amps. I'd try some overdrive pedals if I were you. And maybe some heavy distortion pedals, because in metal you ned the notedeffinition in fast solos and heavy riffs with lots of strings ringing.

Just my five cents
Yeah I have an AC30CC2X so I think I'm covered there :P

I have a few pedals lying around that I'll try before going to the store. I have a Metal Zone and so I'll see if I can somehow work some voodoo magic upon it so that it doesn't so much sound like bees in a can but then again that was back when I had a crappy SS practice amp so we'll see what the AC30 thinks of the MT-2 :P
Yeah! Let me know how the Metal Zone fares with an all tube amp! PM me or something.

The Tubescreamers have a huge cut in the bass frequencies before the distortions ection which leaves the pedal with a huge midrange. This means that its rather hard to get the pedal muddy as the bass notes barely get clipped. It easily fattens up an allready overdriven tube amp.
I use my TS9 with a Big Muff and it REALLY REALLY makes the muff sound a LOT clearer. I can't even use the big muff without the tubescreamer turned on anymore. However, place the tubescreamer in front of the muff, or else it tries to cut the tons of low frequencies that the muff puts out and sounds like a gargled mess.
Well heres something wierd,the Metal Zone actually has a compatible side to it. I was fooling around with it on the AC30 and I've basically got it set to a simply orgasmic Plexi-on-the-verge-of-meltdown setting that really sings well with the AC. Strangely enough it actually sounds very warm and musical. I tried going for more gain but I think as you increase the gain it adds more high end to it and so I'll try fiddling with the knobs later to see if I can keep the tone with higher gain but to be honest this setting is wonderful for that earth shaking sort of grungy tone.

I sort of found a temporary solution for my definition problem. I tried chaining my Digitech Screamin' Blues with my Metal Zone and with the level set very low,low's at 3:30(the entire range of the knob is from 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock),highs at 11 and gain at 3 it wakes up the bite in my notes and really helps keep everything clear and defined. Naturally it sounds too brittle when I play a chord with it but then thats why you click it off for rhythm.

Hooray for solving stuff for no money outlay!

Even so though I'll try out the TS's and whatnot.