anyone know of some good riffs to use with your delay pedal to make a cool lick? If so post it, I'd apprecaite it
Buckethead- Big Sur Moon
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At the risk of sounding stupid: What does a delay pedal do exactly?
Dave's party song?

Dont remember the exact name, i think thats it.
what I do sometimes is just play, and time it so that it sounds like I'm harmonizing with myself. It's a neat trick and can make licks sound pretty cool.
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At the risk of sounding stupid: What does a delay pedal do exactly?

It creates an echo...basically just repeats the notes you play. If you go to Boss' website, you can here some samples of their delay pedals
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At the risk of sounding stupid: What does a delay pedal do exactly?

Delay's go:

check out the five venoms
at thefivevenoms.com
it should stream thier song 'doorways'
sweet intro delay riff
what is an azumi nanyo?
pulmonary archery by alexisonfire
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did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

Lots of Limp Bizkit. I don't care for the band, but Wes does some cool, clean, delay-ladden riffs. I love my Echo Park cause it will keep the last delay up after you turn off the pedal (which can be turned off) so I'll play a single note and put it on infinate delay, set a tempo, turn off the pedal and play over the note.

EDIT: Mic Check by Rage Against the Machine. Requires a slide and a killswitch for the "breakdown", and it is a sweet song in general.
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Buckethead- Big Sur Moon

Buckethead. HAHAHA
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Delay's go:


This is the best explanation of a delay pedal I've ever heard.

But I've got a Q : when all the virtuoso guitar players (Petrucci, Vai, Satriani...) play a solo, is the effect they use, besides distortion, a constant delay? (and I don't mean wha solo's or anything)