hey there

this is my fifth song and i felt i've been in a bit of a stuck lately

i want to take my songs in a new direction with some distortion and stuff but never could really think up of any good riffs

if u can help me and leave some comments on this song, then it is greatly appreciated

leave a link and i'll crit back


thnx in advance
Hmm.. Don't take offence to this, but during the lead riffs (or pre-verse), it doesn't seem to really fit... it's like your rhythm is off, and the notes don't really mix too well... But, I nice lyrics and vocals, I would just work on the lead parts, and maybe work on some nice hall/reverb to give it an extra sounds, and cozy feel.

When ya get a chance, here's mine:

yeah, man the lead parts were really out of place. if it were my song, I'd just do away with them completely.... but if you wanna keep em, work on keeping them in time with the rest of the song. oh and they lead lines are waaaay too loud.

but aside from that, really good song
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