i think coheed and cambria shud cover a rush song becuz of the obvious similarities between geddy lee and claudio sanchez's voices. plus hardly anyone ever covers rush songs (i know mindless self indulgence did a cover of "tom sawyer" but ive not heard any others) and coheed and cambria would be able to do it justice because sanchez can sing kinda like geddy, or would that be weird? tell me what u think
I enjoy the music.
No... just no.

The similarities end in their vocal stylings. Sure they may borrow certain things from, and be inspired by them, but that doesn't mean they should do a cover. Mainly becuase the way Lifeson solos is INCREDIBLY hard to immitate.
People think that just because of that weirdos voice that they are just like Rush. **** that! Rush is way better than them, and all though I guess they are one of the few slightly entertaining modern bands of today, there is no way they could pull off a Lee bassline let alone a Lifeson solo.
Why are you asking our opinions? Why don't you just send them an e-mail yourself? I'm sure they have never heard about the similarities in the singer's voice before.

But really, every part about Rush is near impossible to mimic. I don't recomend that any band but Rush play Rush songs.