Ok so lemme tell you my little story...

So my guitar a couple days ago starts to make some wierd loud and annoying noises. Sometimes you can still hear the guitar in the background...a little, other times it sounds like you took the cable out and put ur finger ontop of the metal cable input...and other times it was louder and shook my floor, lol...

So anywayz of course it couldnt be my cable because it was a brand new monster cable...so I take the panels off my guitar, and unscrew the input thing and take it out. Having a little soldering experience, i desoldered the previous cables, and I realized towards the top it looked like it was melting...so maybe the two wires were crossing...so there was enough excess for me to clip it and resolder it...I did...and same problem...very pissed, I got some electrical tape around all the open wires...in case the input cable was touching something it shouldnt...which it didnt look like it was...but still same problem...so im cussing at my damn amp, which is yelling back at me. So i decide the hell with it. I whip out my original cable (which had a back soldering job and I also had to resolder that in the past, lol) and WTF! it works fine...in fact it sounds pretty good... I tried rotating the cable, putting a bit of pressure on a side, etc, and nothing happens...

So wuts the deal with my monster cable...I tried cleaning the connections, and it looks fine, but I cant really unscrew it 2 fix the soldering job because its one hunk of plastic...any ideas?
oh I wouldnt, cant really with a monster cable anyways. The guy at the store said I could take it back, when I bought it, if it had any problem. But im worried im gonna take it back, and their gonna try it and have no problems with it, lol
thanks if i have time tomorrow ill run back to the store...haha what a nuisance :P

thanks for the replies, and sorry about the move