I have a Vox AD30VT and a Epiphone Les Paul-100.

I am really looking for a good crunchy sound, I dont really want to play metal, but I really want the nice AC/DC sound, Zeppelin, and little A7X. The amp can get close, but want a little more gain/drive than what the amp offers.

I am looking around on eBay for pedals, but I really dont know which one would suit me. Would a tubescreamer be any good, or do you need a tube amp? Lol, Im a noob to pedals.
Or a Boss DS-1. I really dont know.

What would you suggest?
Boss DS-1. Don't buy it on eBay, it won't come with a manual and you'll need one.
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lol im basically in the same boat...
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the DS-1 is the most festering peice of s*** ever

get a metal zone I know you don't play metal but it has a great tone. If you just turn back the distortion a little bit you will get the sweetest AC/DC tone you have my word. I had a DS-1 and I HATED it. The distortion was fuzzy and had no clarity.
so a metal zone or a DS-1...Ill read more about those....and if I get it of ebay i can get one with a manual.

Would a Boss DS-2 better than the DS-1?
What about the Ibanez Tubescreamer?
DONT GET A METAL ZONE. they are pure $h1T. get a overdrive and boost the UK 80's, US High Gain, or Boutique OD amps. thats what i do.
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boost the gain you've already got on your amp with a maxon 808 OD, or an original tubescreamer...
forget every other pedal, get the marshall jackhammer its lik getting a 7000 stack for 90 bucks
lol, everybody is suggesting something different....

voxdude26, what pedal would do that? a tubescreamer?