Me and some mates have just started a band, but we dont know what song to play first. We want to play an easyish song, that still sounds cool. something like stay together for the kids by blink 182 or maybe highway to hell by AC/DC. What do you guys think?
You're on the right track... the measure of a good band is taking small steps from doing EASY, straight-up covers to HARD, straight-up covers to original covers of HARD songs (plus making all your stuff obviously).

I think the answer is obvious... asking this question wasn't quite necessary. You know EXACTLY what to do!

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Great song that's easy for the whole band: Running with the Devil - Van Halen.
I sort of think it would be both more fun and easy for you to start with your original material. This way you can write something you know you can play, and doing YOUR stuff is always heaps more exciting. Might take more time before you actually start playing it as a whole, but who cares, you'll still have loads of fun working on the thing, if you 'click' right.
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Some Nirvana, I know it's simple and you'll probably get sick to death of it but get it nailed, its best to be a tight band playing simple stuff, than one that struggles through more complicated stuff. Also I'd say most Blink 182 is a no no as theres so many guitar overdubs, and effects added in their music making it very hard to pull of convincingly.