I just bought a new pedalboard, so I rearranged it, and all of the sudden my Wah (which has been working fine without any unwanted noise [on a daisy chain]) started humming like crazy, and the distortion that comes after it amplifies the hum.

I have a Crybaby (the standard one) and a Onespot+daisy chain and I also have another 9v adapter to go with it. Any idea what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanx a lot.
Try isolating the problem... Is it the cord? Is the connector loose? Are on the bolts around the connectors loose? etc.

Come back once/if that's done.
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Try moving the power supply rectifier and transformer further away. Pretty common problem.
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my buddy use to fix those and he says that its prolly the inductor and you cant do anything about it, sorry
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