So, what I consider the Ibanez clash.

The SR500:
Mahogany Body
Bartolini pups
3-band EQ
$550 Shipped
Natural Finish

Rosewood w\ Maple top
PFR pups
2-band EQ
$480 Shipped
Some different color schemes

Seriously, IM TORN. I love the necks on both of these basses and have no clue what my deciding factor would be. Are the bartolini pick ups and mahogany body that much more of a difference?
play them both! then decide
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I have and will continue to. I bet I look like a dumbass switching between 2 basses every 10 minutes in the store. I've never been partial to a natural finish but... meh.
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I have and will continue to. I bet I look like a dumbass switching between 2 basses every 10 minutes in the store. I've never been partial to a natural finish but... meh.

Haha, dont worry about looking dumb, especially at a place like Guitar Center(the employees do that for you). At a place like guitar center, you should sit down with each bass for like 30 minutes each to really get a feel for them.

And if i had to choose, I'd go with the SR500.
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to me, the little things really DO make a big enuff difference for me to prefer the SR over the SRX
The mahogany does feel leaps more solid and stable, seems like it can take a few heavy bangs. Plus, no annoying paint chipping. I'm very picky about my tone =(

SR, welcome home
There are three things that I think you need to decide if you like or dislike on both basses.

Wood: Do you want the Mahogany or the Rosewood body? I would also consider how much you care on way or another on the paint/finish of the bass with this but not very highly, as you can always get a bass refinished. (I prefer a heavier bass, and the Mahogany felt too light for my tastes on all of the SR series basses I have played. This would not stop me however from buying the bass by itself.)

Pickups/EQ: Do you want/will you use the 3 band EQ on the active Bartolini pups any more than you will use the 2 band EQ with the passive buckers on the SRX? (I personally like the SR pups A LOT better than the buckers, but I love the thumb rest on the SRX that SR lacks.)

Price: This may or may not matter to you, I don't know, but $70 is the benchmark to weigh how strongly you feel one way or another. (I personally don't like the SR $70 more than the SRX, but then again, I'm a HS student on a seriously limited budget.)

Whatever your decision, play both first to get a true feel of which you like more like primate primus said, but take your time and sleep on it and the answer should be clear to you.
The thing about the 3 band vs 2 band eq, its a HUGE deal to me.

its one of the big reasons ive stopped caring for the Warwick corvette. (and the pricetag, and the realization im WAY more than happy with my bass)

the thing is, the 3 knobs i use the most on my bass are: Volume, Mids, Pickup Blender.

bass i usually leave around 8, and treble i work with pretty often, switchin from 0, 3, 6, 10 (in respective order for: All bass sound, slight punchy tone (in conjunction with more mids), mildly trebly sound (punk-ish almost), and "Heart of the Sunrise" (listen to it, its by Yes) )

but mids i use so often that it just is a neccessary part of any bass to me now :P
^I think most of the tones will be covered by the amp. I really like the mahogany, active p ups and the dark cherry finish stands out alot more than natural wood and the humbuckers werent... i guess "full" sounding enough for me. Now it's new or used. Probably new though because I don't like knowing this bass isn't fully mine in the back of my head
^yeah but the only reason i only active EQ's is because at GIGS you probly wont have time to go to the amp 3 times per song.
I suppose. A good condition used SR500 would be around $400-$450 USD if im not a complete idiot with my pricing
At my guitar store, a brand new SR500 is $480 (plus tax). But I guess store prices vary. If you look for a used one though, I'd say don't go higher than $400.

As for getting either the SR or SRX, its really a prefrence of what kind of tone you want. The SRX's humbuckers will obviously provide a heavy edge to the tone, and as I recall the SRX basses have wider string spacing. Meanwhile the SR500 has the bartolini pups and preamp which means a lot of tonal options. If you are going to be gigging soon, I'd say go for the SR500, but if not, just really become familiar with each bass and then decide.
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