heres the low down. i have owned a Fender Delux 112 65 watt amp for almost 2 years and wanted an upgrade. i purchased a Line 6 Spider II 210. i loved the fender clean and thought the line 6 would deliver, but the clean is really crispy and rattle-y and i dont know what to do because the settings arent doing anything for it. my settings are Bass - 2.5 Mid - 4 Treble - 8

please help me fix this "clean" problem and make it an actual clean channel.
Uhh was the Fender Deuluxe a tube amp and if so slap your self the Line 6 spider is a downgrade to the fullest. This is my settings on my tube Bass-6,Mid-6,Treble-8,Rev-3.
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its not a tube. its a solid state. but im thinking i sell the line 6 that i bought two weeks ago and buy a cab for the fender deluxe. good idea?