Hey I have a piano playing friend I've been jamming with lately, but we're looking for some songs by other artist to learn. Preferably the song would be guitar and piano without too much else (except singing, we can both sing, so singing's good). So far all I can think of is Karma Police by Radiohead, but I'm sure there's a lot more. Feel free to suggest anything.

I won't see you tonight (part 1) - avenged sevenfold (althoguh there aren't to many parts wher both instruments play at once but you can fix it up so you can)
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lot of Coldplay has piano and guitar. Eric Clapton's Unplugged album has some brilliant piano work.
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Desperado by the Eagles is always a favorite.
Konstantine by Something Corporate if you want newer stuff.
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try Something Corporate stuff and Jack's Mannequin stuff

those are quite big on the piano and there is still a lot of guitar wiht it

real easy to sing to also
No one's said Bohemian Rasphody yet???

What's wrong with you people?!

Also, try Muse's New Born and the Beatles' Let It Be.

And if both you and your piano friend are complete virtuosos and extremely skilled, try some Sonata Arctica
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closing time - semisonic
let it be - beatles
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children of bodom- mask of sanity, elite guitar / keyboard dual, also dragonforce
a day in the life the beatles. i dont know how u would do the orchestra part but the verse and chorus's are good.
Warmness on the Soul-Avenged...

It doesnt have A LOT of guitar...

But, you can always either improvise...or just play the simple chords...
Jet - Look what You've Done (more piano than guitar but its fun to play)
Play the solo in Psycho by System of a Down. It should sound damn good even without bass or drums. Listen to it carefully for the keyboard (I know your buddy has got a piano, but oh well)
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almost all lynyrd skynyrd songs have both guitar and piano in them.
see i'm amazed no one has suggested just taking a song and transcribing it to piano instead of picking a song that automatically has both, try transcribing "call of ktulu", nothing else matters, "a tout le monde" , "cemetary gates" i mean, just think about it, you could do almost anything!!!